S2:E7 When is Safety an Obstacle to the Great Commission?

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When is Safety an Obstacle to the Great Commission?

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When is Safety an Obstacle to the Great Commission?

Can the American Dream be an obstacle of the great commission? God often calls His followers toward and not away from danger for the sake of the Gospel, yet in our culture we have a love affair with safety. From car seats to bicycle helmets, we are obsessed with removing all of life’s risks.

Now some of our desires for safety are right and good, but some of them are actually dangerous for our souls. Some of those desires may even be Satanic.

Because of our love affair with safety do we…

  • Have in mind the things of men rather than the things of God?
  • Value the temporal more than the eternal?
  • Prize safety and security more than the Gospel?

You won’t want to miss this provocative and critical conversation as we consider when safety can be an obstacle to the Great Commission.


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Season 2 Episode 7

When is Safety an Obstacle to the Great Commission?


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